Manage domains

Access the « Domains » section from the " i " menu. Click on «Create domain» to add a new domain. The format of this domain is always «something.something».

Enter the name of the domain you want to manage via Artifakt. Be aware, the domain could not be edited by the site. To edit the name of the domain you will need to delete (cross) it and recreate it.

Once created, you'll get 4 NS servers available for your domain. You can point this domain (bought before via a registrar) to these NS servers, then you will be able to manage the domain and the subdomains via Artifakt.

NB : Remember that you need to buy your domain before pointing the domain you declared on the NS servers. Artifakt doesn't allow you to buy a domain, only to use it once bought.

Be aware, the «Actions» icon allow you to get automatically a certificate for this domain. To manage the subdomains, click on the line or on eye icon on your right. This give you 3 actions : See, Get a certificate, Delete

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