Configuration of your artifacts with .artifakt.yml

Specification of the .artifakt.yml file

The .artifakt.yml file is a YAML file. It is mandatory if you plan to publish your artifact to the Artifakt App Store.

Key Value Required
title Title of your artifact. Must be between 3 and 64 characters. Yes
description Short description of your artifact. 512 characters maximum. No
cloud_provider Cloud provider for your artifact. Available values:
alicloud, aws, azure, custom, digital_ocean, gcp, ovh, scaleway
build_engine Available values:
available_regions Regions where your artifact can be deployed. Depending on the services you use, you have to verify on cloud provider documentation. Yes
image Image URL of your artifact. Usually, the application's logo. No
category Available values:
accounting, analytics, blog, bpm, bug_tracking, business_intelligence, cache, chat, cms, code_review, collaboration, continuous_integration, crm, database, developer_tools, document_management, e_commerce, ecm, e_learning, email, erp, forum, framework, games, human_resource_management, machine_learning, marketing_automation, media_sharing, middleware, mobile_development, online_classifieds, photo_sharing, poll_management, portal_server, project_management, quickstart, search, social_networking, testing, version_control, wiki, other
main_language Available values:
c, cpp, c_sharp, go, html_css, java, javascript, objective_c, php, python, ruby, scala, other
license Object representing the chosen license. No
tags Tags added to your artifact (array). Used for search and filters.
example :
   - demo
   - docs
infrastructure Details about the underlying infrastructure. No
inputs Used to define all artifact configuration variables. No
ouputs Used to define all artifact outputs. No


Key Description Required
code The artifact's license code. No
name The artifact's license name. No


Key Description Required
diagram The artifact version's diagram URL. Yes
build_time Estimated building time in minutes. Yes
cost_estimation Define the cost and it's details Yes


Key Description Required
monthly_price In dollars per month No
details Explain how the cost has been calculated No


Key Description Required
code This code used in Terraform or post configuration scripts. Yes
description short description about this inputs. No
type The type of HTML input to be rendered.  
select, text, textarea

If "select" type was selected, options key must be added.
    - mysql
    - postgres
default You can specify the default value No
required Boolean which define if the input are require or not. Yes


Key Description Required
code The code of the output Yes
name The name of the output Yes
description The description of the output No  
category The category of the output No

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