Step 1: Application & Data

Normal mode

  • Application: Choose the application you want to deploy (please, be aware that you can deploy one application by artifact). The applications are grouped by type: (ERP, CRM, E-Commerce…).
  • Application version: Specify the version of the application you want to deploy. If the version you want is not currently listed you can still deploy your application, but at your own risk, because it wasn't tested.
  • Application source: Choose source code. If you choose « None », we use community code of the application (official GIT repository).

Advanced mode

  • Continuous deployment: Choose « Yes » and Artifakt gives you an URL enabling you to automatically deploy your application from your GIT repository.
  • Activate HTTPS: Choose  « Yes » and Artifakt asks you to add a SSL certificate you imported or asked previously. The deployed artifact will be accessible through HTTPS.
  • Application secret key: Unique application ID allowing to encrypt passwords to ensure consistency with password encryption. 

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